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Hello, We are Promeras. Let us introduce ourselves!

Goal of Promeras

The main goal is to stand up for the rights of all PhD-candidates, for instance the right to follow courses and the right to receive high quality supervision during their research. The board meets the Dean and people of Human Resources and Research & Policy on a regular base. Moreover, Promeras advises the PhD Committee about the PhD Education Policy. Additionally, when PhD-candidates have questions or problems the board of Promeras can offer help.

Promeras in Practice

Promeras is a member of EPAR (Erasmus PhD Association Rotterdam) and PNN (Promovendi Netwerk Nederland). Promeras has regular meetings with the EPAR board and PhD-candidate representatives of other EUR-faculties to discuss matters on university and on national level.

Download the new brochure provided by the PhD-committee of the Erasmus MC and Promeras 'Starting your PhD at Erasmus MC' here!

Social activities

Promeras also organizes social events for its members such as drinks nights, bowling events, pop-quizzes and more.

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Get acquainted with our Board members!
The board of Promeras consist of several enthousiastic PhD-candidates. Below you can see our information.
  • Maren Harms

    Maren Harms


    Maren is a the president of Promeras and a second year PhD candidate at the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

  • Esmee Venema

    Esmee Venema


    Esmee is secretary of Promeras and a first years PhD candidate at the Public Health department.

  • Arjan Rauwers

    Arjan Rauwers

    Young Medical Delta + General

    Arjan is a 1st years PhD Candidate (Dept. Gastroenterology). Besides Promeras, he is also a board member of Young Medical Delta.

  • Pieter Bonnemaijer

    Pieter Bonnemaijer


    Currently, Pieter is working at the Department of Opthalmology as a PhD-Candidate. He is responsible for the financial aspects of Promeras.

  • Britt Pluijmers

    Britt Pluijmers

    General Board Member + PNN member

    Britt is currently active as a PhD-Candidate at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery and she maintains external relations, including the PNN (Promovendi Netwerk Nederland).

  • Tridib

    Tridib Das

    External Relations + Website

    Tridib is a PhD-Candidate at the Department of Pulmonology and is responsible for the promotion and communication of Promeras. He also maintains the Promeras website.

  • Pauline de Goeje

    Pauline de Goeje

    General Board Member + PNN member

    Pauline is currently active as a PhD-Candidate at the Department of Pulmonology and she is also part of the PNN (Promovendi Netwerk Nederland).

  • Gerdien Zeilmaker

    Gerdien Zeilmaker

    General Board Member + Sofia

    Gerdien is a PhD-Candidate at the Pediatrics Department and she maintains a link with the Sofia Research Group (SOV)

  • Bin Wu

    Bin Wu

    International Officer

    Bin is a PhD-Candidate at the Neuroscience department and is the international officer within Promeras.

Comments and Partners

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Promeras really adds something extra to being a PhD-Candidate. Support, social meetings and integration.

Tiny Penders, Beleidsmedewerker onderzoek
Maud Vissers

Being a PhD-Candidate is so much more than only performing research!

Maud Vissers, Beleidsmedewerker onderzoek
Erasmus PhD Association Rotterdam Promovendi Netwerk Nederland

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